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Post  Aki Tsukichou on Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:09 pm

Name (last, first): Tsukichou Aki

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Looks: Aki has long, thick brown hair and brown eyes. She doesn't like wearing make-up, and she probably never will. Her clothes, which range in style, are usually black, though she does wear other colors from time to time or as a compliment to the black. She is usually too self-conscious to wear anything too revealing, but she may make compromises (such as a skirt with either long socks or leggings, or a tank top with a light, short-sleeved vest). Her body build is average, not too skinny, not too chubby, and slightly on the athletic side. She is shorter than most people her age (currently 5 feet 2 inches), which tends to be the reason for many teases. She wears a golden bracelet, a gift from her mother, on her right wrist at all times (unless there is a certain reason not to).


Aki is usually sweet, caring, and understanding to all, whether they are strangers or familiars, humans or non-humans, or even friends or foes. She tries to be intelligent, deep, and thoughtful, so she avoids things like judging based on looks or reputation. When she meets new people, she tends to be very shy, though she tries hard to push herself to be outgoing and friendly. With her familiars, however, she is cheerful and somewhat outgoing and even acts a bit childish- all so that she doesn't burden her loved ones with her problems. She sometimes tries to be funny, witty, and clever, though she usually tends to fail miserably. She is trustworthy, soothing, and calming especially when she sees that someone is in need of a companion. Her usual nature seems to be easy-going, calm, and laid-back.

However, Aki tends to be very hesitant and indecisive when it comes to making choices. She is also very easily embarrassed and blushes very easily, although she tries hard to hide it. She can't help but let slip a few cuss words at times, but she always regrets it right after.

Aki does not like to kill and will avoid it whenever possible, and she does not like to witness bloodshed. Although she loves to train, she does not like to fight "seriously", but she will when she feels that she must. She sometimes: likes to be alone; can be quiet; can be shy; can hide emotions very well; can fake emotions (such as happiness so as to not worry friends); can be deceptive; can be slow to anger, but when angry, can become very angry; finds it hard to hate; can be lazy; and tends to procrastinate. She is also very good at keeping secrets.

-Likes/Loves: Nature, drawing, reading, writing, music, animals, training, learning new things, being with ones she loves, being alone (sometimes), singing, and many, many other things xD
-Dislikes: seeing others' blood (lots of it), killing, fighting, having enemies/rivals/antagonists, being put on the spot/ getting too much attention, and probably other stuff


Aki is Korean and from a Korean ninja village in a Korean land. (xD!) She prefers to keep most of her past to herself. What is known about her past is that there was a war raging on in her homeland. Her village was a peaceful village, refusing to take any sides, but it was caught in a small skirmish that caused an immediate evacuation order. The evacuation was hasty and not very well done, and Aki, her mother, her father, her younger sister (one and a half years younger than Aki), and her owl companion, were separated amidst the chaos. For her sake, Aki was immediately given a new name and relocated to a supposedly safer shinobi village. To this day, she thinks and hopes that her family is still alive.
Aki Tsukichou
Aki Tsukichou

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Post  Aki Tsukichou on Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:31 pm

Oh, I forgot!

Aki-kun is so gullible. ._.;;

She actually fell for the "Look up! 'Gullible' is written on the ceiling!" trick! Twice!! Dx
Aki Tsukichou
Aki Tsukichou

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