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Kaede's Juts-OMG A CHEERIO

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Kaede's Juts-OMG A CHEERIO

Post  Kaede Moon on Sun Aug 02, 2009 10:39 pm

Sound Jutsu: Kaede can use waves of sound..and sound control in general to attack people. It's fun. She can also use singing, or humming to trap opponents in a genjutsu. I don't feel like listing every possible attack...so let's stick with, she controls SOUND n'stuff.

Earth Justu: She can manipulate the earth element as well...Not much more to it. If there's earth around, it can be manipulated. She can also manipulate plants/grass and stuff...which falls under the earth element, I believe...

Power of the pink: Is her kekkei genkai. The power of the pink, is a strange substance which can change states, according to how she needs to use it. Solid, liquid, or gas. It's powers also change, as she needs them. here's a list of things it can become/it can do...

-Solidify into nearly any weapon/thing. EX: A sword, a couch, a tree, etc...
-in a gas form, float around the air. When in THIS particular gas form, it absorbs a person's chakra, with virtually no way of blocking it...A persons chakra will slowly be depleted, to the point when they have a total loss of energy...
-In the liquid state, it's a highly dangerous acid. if it comes in contact with a person's skin, the area it touched will begin to be eaten away immediately, at an alarming pace.
-It can also be turned into a powder...as this powder surrounds her feet, she can float/fly/defy gravity, whatever you want to call it...
-It can also come down from the sky as snow. This snow freezes whatever it comes in contact with, and has hypnotizing powers.
-It creates a glowing pink substance around her hands and feet. This glowing energy can be thrown, or kicked towards an opponent. It's painful, fatal, and it buuuuuurns~. It also paralyzes whatever skin/body part it hits. That too.
-It takes on a glowing pink energy around her hands, a few shades lighter than the attack listed above. This is her speshul form of medical jutsu. It's pretty strong too. She can heal most wounds, and help fix severe impalements. Using this technique, she can also transfer her own energy and/or chakra to another person. Using this technique, she can give all her life energy and chakra to a dead person, and bring them back to life. Unfortunately, as a result, she'll die in their place. Bummer.

Pink Eye: Involved with her kekkei genkai, this gives her the power to see chakra. This means, if someone goes invisible or something, she can see their chakra system and track them. Because of this, she can also tell when someone is using a genjutsu, because she can see the shakra involved with doing the jutsu.

Annoyance: This is one of her super special awesome abilities. Using her sound waves, and her natural skill at pissing people off, she throws some sort of temper tantrum, or starts talking waayyyy too much. Within minutes, her opponent loses the will to live, because she's just THAT hard to put up with. Once they loose the will to live, they also loose the will to fight...making them easy pickings~

That's all, folks~

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Kaede Moon

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Re: Kaede's Juts-OMG A CHEERIO

Post  Lucia Silverwing on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:22 pm

jk jk
and now the moment you've all been waiting for....
Lucia Silverwing
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Re: Kaede's Juts-OMG A CHEERIO

Post  Kaede Moon on Fri Aug 07, 2009 10:48 pm

Ehem...I forgot my special 'annoyance' ability, if you could approve that as well... XD
Kaede Moon

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Re: Kaede's Juts-OMG A CHEERIO

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