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Shanks - The Fallen Angel

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Shanks - The Fallen Angel

Post  Shanks on Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:52 pm

Name - Shanks
Race - Angel
Age - 3rd Angel created....
Specialty/Special Abilities - Necrotic/Necromancer Abilities, Psychokinesis, Berzerker Aura, Precognition

Shanks was born an Angel. He was actually the 3rd Angel. Zeus made him an Angel but for an unknown reason, he locked Shanks up in a chamber. Centuries passed and soon enough Shanks was free. He wasn't a threat anymore. Shanks was usually went down on Earth to take other people's souls and take them to the Underworld. Shanks trained with the few good Titans, such as Prometheus, gaining power. One day, he was wandering the planet and saw a mansion. He closed his wings and stepped in. Shanks was then zapped, and then had an operation. The mad scientist's made him part human. when he was free, he gladly took all of there souls but after returning back to Zeus, he lost the ability to take souls from them without really fighting ad killing them. Soon, Hades attacked Zeus and Shanks was present. They had a battle and Zeus was then nearly killed, injured so bad, it'd take thousands of centuries to fully heal him. During the battle, Shanks devoured Hades' soul and now had Necrotic/Necromancer powers. Everyone hated him for not being able to protect Zeus. He fled the area and searched for more strength. He met with the Japanese Thunder God, and learned many lightning abilities. Shanks finally flew down to the planet, where he lived on a ninja there, protecting his village, and getting stronger.


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Re: Shanks - The Fallen Angel

Post  Kataki on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:37 pm

...He's an angel...are you kidding me...lol.
Before I like...spam/approve this bio and stuff...can some one tell me what the hell the following things are...
Necromancer abilities, psycho kinesis, Berzerker Aura, and Precognition....
yeah...imma noob...deal with it. XD
Kataki::Evil Entity
Kataki::Evil Entity

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Re: Shanks - The Fallen Angel

Post  Ken on Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:06 pm

berzerker aura - i was gonna make that up later....pretty much a locked ability...i'll send you details later through pms!

recognition - somewhat similar to the sharingan's ability of how it can make a prediction of the opponents move or how the jedi can see a bit in the future during the fight.(their attacks)

necromancer - zombie/undead summoning/soul summoning and stuff....using souls to fight....stuff like that....weakening their souls and making them lose the will to live....

psychokinesis - wait up...

(better explanation later)


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Re: Shanks - The Fallen Angel

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