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Xavier Skyes' Jutsu

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Xavier Skyes' Jutsu

Post  Xavier Skyes on Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:22 am

Luck/Bad Luck Eye: The appearance of this eye is the color of green. This eye is always activated. A special Eye that can change luck and unlucky things to make things that wouldn't normally happen, happen. Example: Someone walks below a piano being lifted. Carefully looking at the piano, a car would randomly crash into the boy. Mostly thinking of opposite things to happen. Yet no one wouldn't be able to notice since Xavier's natural eye color is the same of his Kekkei Genkai colored eye. Since this was a rare combination within his clan. Most people feared what he would or could do, and if his power was unlocked or not. It put's most people in disadvantages since they wouldn't know if it was active or not. The bad luck eye produces bad luck and events that wouldn't usually happen. And the luck eye produces good luck and events that would happen yet with slim chances without the luck activated.

Catastrophe Eye: When red veins grow around my green natural or non natural eye. This is known to say that Catastrophe ability is activated. Catastrophic ability to the will to destroy and bring destruction to things. For example: Creating a tornado which would collide with the opponents attack.

Umbrakinesis: The ability to bend and control shadow, and dark energy. More detail later.
Xavier Skyes
YamiKage :: Psychotic Catastrophe
YamiKage :: Psychotic Catastrophe

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