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Yori Yuhi's Biography

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Yori Yuhi's Biography

Post  Yori Yuhi on Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:35 pm

Name- Yori Yuhi

Hair- Brown

Eyes- Aquamarine

Gender- Female

Personality- From a first glance, she appears to be a reserved and soft-spoken girl with few words. But once she's opened up to a person, she's funny, sarcastic, sometimes loud, and a little competitive towards others. She’s not the kind of person to give up so easily; her determination and will almost always keeps her going.

Skills- Her chakra is mostly wood/plant based and she excels in using ninjutsu and some genjutsu. Taijutsu however is a weak point of hers.

Bio- Yori resided in Grass Country with her mother and father when she was a little girl. Up until the point both her parents were killed in an A-ranked mission. Fortunately, she was fortunate to meet Kurenai Yuhi, a genjutsu specialist. She decided to take her under her wing and take care of her because she showed a lot of promise as a genjutsu user like she was. A few years later, it wasn't long before she adopted her as her own daughter.
Yori Yuhi
Yori Yuhi

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Re: Yori Yuhi's Biography

Post  Midori Akuhei on Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:42 pm

Ohh~ Genjutsu.
I've change my mind..YOU'RE my favourite character.
Approved by Yamikage~
Midori Akuhei
Midori Akuhei
Ex-Yamikage :: The insane, dead zombie chick
Ex-Yamikage :: The insane, dead zombie chick

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